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This memorial website is to honor the memory of our beloved and cherished David X. Nonamaker, Jr.,"D.J." who was born in Waterbury, CT on Sep 22, 1980 and entered paradise in Naples, FL on March 09, 2004 at the age of 23. We will remember him with love forever.

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"How? How did he die?"   / Anne Rinaldi-Nonamaker (Mother)
I lost my son to the war March 9, 2004. he lost his life to the war. It matters how he died He fought so bravely, like so many b4 him. He must have known the perils when he signed up for the war but I don’t think anyone believes it can happen t...  Continue >>
Naples Daily News 1st year tribute   / Patty (Aunt)
David X. "D.J." Nonamaker Jr. Peacefully, sleep comes to a dear beloved heart.Quietly, we understand the time has come to part. Tenderly, the love shines on a neverending light.Gratefully, we feel its warmth and say,Sweet dreams, good-night. “NONN...  Continue >>
3/9/05 David's 1st Anniversary   / Anne Rinaldi-Nonamaker (Mother)
DAVID XAVIER NONAMAKER JR.On this, my beloved son David’s first anniversary of birth into the journey of eternal rest, please keep him in your prayers “ . . . Eternal rest grant to him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May ...  Continue >>
I miss and love you David   / Beau De Mello (friend)
You came to my thoughts again today and I remember how you make me feel I miss you and our friendship. I know you are still there watching over us and smiling. Thank you for the time you gave to me and for being my friend.
A parent who shares the pain of a broken heart.   / Ozzie Santos (A parent with a broke heart )
Anne unfortunately with the death of our children we were bless to have you in our live and I can't see anyone Marcia and I could be so bless to go though this pain that no medication can cure .The Compassion we have for one another is priceless and ...  Continue >>
DJ / Vince McCann (Uncle)    Read >>
Thank you to the Naples Chapter of the Chrome Diva's  / Anne (Mother)    Read >>
Dear Anne  / Bonnie Rossi (Friend of David's Mom )    Read >>
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His legacy
"How did David die?" In the war ....  
“How? How did he die”

I lost my son to the war March 9, 2004. he lost his life to the war. It matters how he died

He fought so bravely, like so many b4 him. He must have known the perils when he signed up for the war but I don’t think anyone believes it can happen to them. Each of us feels we are untouchable, especially our youth.

We, thier elders, the exact people who raise them to trust us, continue to allow this war to prevail in our lives. It’s our guidance they look for and we continually let them down by teaching double standards …. We are all accountable.

Every time I turn the TV on there are programs, advertisments, talk shows, and reality shows that actually sensationalize the cause. They blur our reasoning and create a double standard. It’s ok to join the war if you NEED or SUFFER or DESIRE … yet other channels profess the perils ….

It’s so easy to join and the recruiting starts at the elementary school level. They are recruiting our children in school, billboards, on TV, all promising a better future. Join this war and it will cure whatever ails you ..

On the other side, they warn the potential recruits … “some that join will eventually opt out either by choice, injury, or death” …. Some are shunned and need immense counseling and rehabilitation because every recruit that does comes back is injured physically and/or emotionally. 

The memories of their dasderdly deeds while in the war haunt them.

Many truly believe this war is just a phase and will pass. But too many are never given a second chance to grow in wisdom ….

What is the number of dead that will move our country into action?

How many must we lose b4 we get serious and put a stop to the recruiting?

The war my son died in was not on foreign ground. He did not die for the freedom of people that live in a far away land. He lost his life and I lost my most treasured blessing to the greedy, the contended, the untouchables, the ignorance, of the United States of America. We are led to feel defeated, so we blame the soldiers for making a poor choice.

How many must we lose to the war on drugs b4 we wave the white flag?

Is dying in this war different than dying on the Iraqi soil? I hope I never know the answer so intimately as I know the question. My nephew, Anthony, whom I helped to raise and love like a son has signed up for the war. His choice is the army and his battleground is Iraq. He knew the potential danger and made an informed decision at the tender age of 19. I’m sure he does not believe the reality that death or injury can befall him. They, our youth, think they are indestructible. That’s their gift and we exploit it.

This is a work in progress by David’s bereaved Mother. The “how” seems to matter greatly to many when they learn of David’s death. As the years unfold in my journey of learning to live without my David I understand better everyone’s need to know. It’s fear. Can this happen to you? To your child? The answer is yes. It happened to me, to my child.
Saints and Sinners . . . One of David's favorites  

When some fellow yields to temptation
And breaks a conventional law,
We look for no good in his make-up
But God! how we look for a flaw!
No one will ask, “How tempted?”
Nor allow for the battles he’s fought;
His name becomes food for the jackals --
For us who have never been caught. “He has sinned!” we shout from the house-tops,
We forget the good he has done,
We center on one lost battle,
And forget the times he has won.
“Come, gaze at the sinner!” we thunder,
“And by his example be taught,
That his footsteps lead to destruction,”
Cry we who have never been caught.

I’m a sinner, O Lord, and I know it,
I’m weak, I blunder, I fail.
I’m tossed on life’s stormy ocean
Like ships embroiled in a gale.
I’m willing to trust in Thy mercy,
To keep the commandments Thou’st taught,
But deliver me, Lord, from the judgement
Of saints who have never been caught


David's AOL Profile (SOVRAN1980) . . . In his own words . . .  

Always curious, Complex, yet terribly simple, wise and at the same time childlike, eager to experience life yet sensitive to it, sometimes afraid, strong at the center- gentle around the edges, wanting peace and needing love!

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